Venstar 4050 10.1 Inch Tablet


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Product Description

Venstar 4050 10.1 Inch Tablet – Android 4.4 OS, RK3188T Quad Core A9 1.4GHz CPU, Quad-Core Mail-400 GPU

A larger than life tablet has been released by Android tablet specialist Venstar. This is the Venstar’s 4050 model, which is not only large in appearance but also in the specification department as it comes boasting the new Android 4.4 operating system, which is has new features that make it incredibly sweet. For example you can now add emojis via the Google Android 4.4 keyboard into your messages so you can enjoy the cute Japanese cartoonish characters and gestures. Also Quickoffice has been integrated into KitKat system and about time too. Simply say “Ok Google” and the command you want from the home screen, or when Google Now is open, and it will do everything, well, to a certain extent what you have requested such as ask directions etc (It can’t make a coffee, but can find you online how to make a good one).


Blasting this tablet into pole position is the RK3188T Quad Core A9 1.4GHz CPU, which can deliver an outstanding performance each and every time the Venstar 4050 tablet is put to the test. Plus here is also a Quad-Core Mail-400 GPU that is dedicated to handle all the multimedia aspects you may deal with such as gaming and watching videos.

At a Glance…

  • Venstar 4050 10.1 Inch Tablet
  • Android 4.4 Operating System
  • RK3188T Quad Core A9 1.4GHz CPU
  • Quad-Core Mail-400 GPU