Children’s Android 4.2 Tablet “Fun-Tab”


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Product Description

Children’s Android 4.2 Tablet gives the adults the power due to having Parental Control and with a child friendly userface paired with a 7 Inch Touch Screen, your little ones will truly love this device.

An excellent gift for any child from their parents or grandparents as it lets them enjoy the wonders of technology while not being exposed to the dark-side of the web. As soon as you see the “Fun-Tab” tablet, you’ll know it is designed specifically with youngsters in mine with a nice body and a unique design that makes its appearance different to other tablets. The blue design would suit any young boy who wants to start demolishing pigs with the Angry Birds or maybe watch funny YouTube videos.

Have a tight grip of what your children are exposed to with the built in parent controls that have been design to help manager applications, what websites they can browse on the internet as well as what they can control how long they actually spend using the tablet. To have all this control over the system, there is a password, which you can set and when it comes to managing the contents you’ll be able to easily set it.

Control the applications and manage exactly what your little one will be playing and interacting with as the parental control ensures you get the final say as well as also dictating how long they can use the tablet for. The time can be easily set in the parental control menu, and you can indicate and set exactly how long they can play with the tablet for including the chance to insert a rest time between each use as well as the opportunity to award extra time.

The “Fun-Tab” tablet has a user friendly interface that can be easy to navigate via the tablet’s 5 point capacitive touch screen, which children will enjoy playing with as it has a nice lay-out design with convenient and simplicity kept in mind. Android 4.2 is the operating system of choice, and with this system the user gets to create an environment that is tailored to their needs by downloading applications from the pre-installed Google Play store. Android is also one of the most common operating systems today, which is enjoyed by many and has become wide spread use amongst many devices.

Let your children enjoy technology the way it should be enjoyed by a minor with the “Fun-Tab” tablet.

At a Glance…

  • Android Tablet
  • Designed for Children
  • 7 Inch Screen
  • Parental Control
  • Child Friendly User Interface