Baby Monitor “Monitor Buddy”



Product Description

Baby Monitor “Monitor Buddy” – Wireless, 7 Inch Widescreen LCD, Night Vision Camera

Wireless 7 Inch Baby monitor and included nightvision camera. Enjoy the high quality camera feed on the 7 inch widescreen monitor and night, or day, the camera will provide great image quality due to the built-in nightvision.

The “Monitor Buddy” is a Wireless Widescreen baby monitor that ensures you’re always there for your loved one with a night vision feature to allow you to see your child when it’s dark. This Baby Monitoring set is an essential gadget for every parent – now you can rest easy knowing your child is safe and comfortable!

There is nothing more important to you than your child’s safety and security. You want to be with them night and day to know that they are safe at all times. But with so much to do around the house in a normal day, you know that it isn’t always possible. With this Wireless Baby Monitor, you finally have the freedom to watch TV, entertain guests, do household chores, exercise, and even sleep with the peace of mind that you will always know when your baby needs you. With a large 7 Inch Screen, the “Monitor Buddy” Baby monitor gives you a bigger and clearer image than many of the small LCD Monitors where you can’t see the baby perfectly.

Designed specifically with you and your baby’s needs in mind, the “Monitor Buddy” Wireless Baby Monitor includes 8 infra-red lights for night vision that will automatically turn on in low light conditions to provide a bright view of your baby. Check on the little ones without the risk of waking them up, since all you need to do is take a quick glance at the baby monitor to know that your precious one is sleeping as well as you are. Easy to set up, just plug in the camera and monitor, switch on the monitor and choose the right channel and you’re all set.

Why would you buy a baby monitor set that can’t grow with your family? As your family grows; this Baby Monitor can expand right along with you. Have a camera in the baby’s room, living room, play room, or even pointing at the front door. This monitoring system can be used for not only baby care but in a car park, garden or anywhere around the home for security.

Offering an advanced large screen baby monitoring solution, the “Monitor Buddy” Wireless 7 Inch LCD Monitor is not only great for monitoring babies but also for general wireless security monitoring also. With people more focused on security and a busy lifestyle, this monitor is sure to be in great demand.
At a Glance…

  • See your children at all times with automatic night vision
  • Compact camera with built-in microphone
  • Flip out stand so you can position your monitor easily
  • Good volume range on the monitor with AV in/out
  • Screw mount – versatile mounting solution so you can fix your camera anywhere
  • Wireless Range: 10 Meters