8 Camera Surveillance Kit



Product Description

8 Camera Surveillance Kit – 8 Outdoor CCTV Cameras, H264 DVR, 1TB (2nd Generation)

This surveillance kit includes 8 Night Vision Security Cameras and a 1TB hard drive in case you want to record video. It’s a wonderfully all-inclusive security camera set that will make you feel safe. Everything you need comes in the box: cameras, dvr, stands, screws, power cables, adapters, connector cables and more. You will have your own CCTV system set up soon.

Keep Your Eyes on 8 Spots at Once

This awesome, multi-functional DVR is your industry standard for top performance audio and video solution for surveillance. Use it in your home, your place of business, a bar, an office, and anywhere else you need to keep an eye on. Simply connect the DVR to your monitor and view the video (you can choose any camera or have 8 of them on screen simultaneously). The device is motion detection enabled for automatic recording. You can even access the camera feed via the Internet, meaning you can be anywhere and still have your eyes where you choose to put these cameras.

Quality Sony Cameras for Important Work

The included Sony surveillance cameras have high quality image and wide viewing angle. With aircraft grade aluminum construction and sliding hood, they are prepared to hold up against almost all weather. The cleverly designed light sensor in the Sony IP cameras will automatically turn on the 12 infrared (IR) night vision LED’s when the sun sets. This enables the cameras to make sharp images during the daytime or nighttime, providing your home or business the peace of mind it needs 24/365. That is a critical advancement in making sure your property is definitely secure. With a wholesale price for top quality, this IP Camera Kit is great for retail locations, medium-sized businesses or even at home.

At a Glance…

  • DVR with 1 TB
  • Sony Cameras
  • Motion Detection
  • Watch Via Internet
  • User Friendly