6.3 Inch Octa Core Phone


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Product Description

The ‘Orb’ Smartphone has Android 4.4 and a powerful Octa core 1.7GHz processor with Dual Sim and OTG functions so it makes the perfect mobile office.

Is it a Phone? Is it a Tablet? No, it’s a Phablet.

This phone has it all. The ‘Orb’ looks absolutely fantastic with those elegantly curved corners and that large 6.3 inch HD 1280 x 720 screen which is wrapped into a thin 8mm case made from a brushed metal alloy and tough black plastic composite so it’s tough yet light and its asthetics will be sure to impress all those around you. With an Octa Core Cortex A7 MTK6592 processor that can clock 1.7GHz it’s not just the looks that impress. This phones speed definitely won’t let you down as those 8 cores let it multitask with ease and with 1GB of RAM this Smartphone will be leaving others in its tracks, to call the ‘Orb’ a phone would be unfair as it’s so much more, this is a true Phablet.

Dual SIM and Android 4.4 Creating a Mobile Office

Its more than just a pretty phone, the ‘Orb’ has dual SIM support which lets you manage your home and working life from one device and that 6.3 inch large screen with the combined 5MP front facing camera lets you make video or conference calls with super picture clarity. You can also take advantage of the screen size for playing crystal clear movies in high definition or record your own using the rear facing camera. As this phone has Android 4.4 running you can make use of the new Google Now features which lets you have your own PA wherever you go and with a large 16GB of built in memory and an extra 64GB available from the SD card slot you will have loads of room to turn this device into your mobile office. To top it off you can enjoy the OTG features which lets you connect memory pens and other devices like a keyboard or mouse so you unleash the full potential of this large screen phone and turn it into a mini laptop so as to type your e-mails and run all your office needs from thanks to the array of apps available from the Google Play store which comes installed as standard. This is a great all in one phone that can simplify your life by helping you manage a hectic schedule without breaking a sweat

At a Glance…

  • Android 4.4
  • Cortex A7 Octa Core
  • ROM:(internal + external) 16GB, up to 64GB
  • OTG (On The Go)
  • Dual SIM