Surveillance Camera – Dummy Dome Camera with LED



Product Description

Dummy dome camera with LED, providing you a cheap and effective security for your property as thieves will never be able to tell this realistic looking imitation dome camera from a real one.

There are two kinds of security cameras. Ones that try to hide that they are there to catch people in the act, and ones that scream out “I’m watching you, so don’t try anything”. This is exactly what this dummy dome camera provides you. The human eye is attracted by light and by movement, and with the steady red LED light from the imitation dome camera going off and on everyone in the neighborhood know that yes indeed you are watching them without ever knowing it is fake. Better yet, this dummy camera kit gives you this at a fraction of the price real working cameras cost you, and is just as effective.

At a Glance…

  • Realistic looking from near or far
  • Red LED light blinking steadily to draw attention to the camera
  • No wires and easy setup an any ceilings or walls
  • AA battery power