500W Power Inverter – 12V DC to 220V AC + 5V USB Port



Product Description

This powerful and effective 500W power inverter brings you convenience by converting 12V DC power to 220V AC power and allows the use of domestic home appliances to be used outside, such as games consoles, CD players, portable DVD, home stereo equipment, TV, laptops and much more. Ideal for camping and caravans, it’s power on the move!

With it’s 500 watt power output, this power inverter can easily handle most DIY tools without the need for long trailing cables when working away from the house. It’s great on camping trips for powering up the TV, computers/laptops, as well as small kitchen gadgets (a blender is a must in the great outdoors). Also if you’re often on the road, you can finally use your laptop in the car without worrying about running out of juice. Finally, the USB port provided allows you to charge your cell phone or other portable electronic devices on the go.

The 12V DC to 220V AC Power Inverter with 5V USB Output features Low Vehicle Battery Auto Shutdown, and prevents Overload or Short Circuit. The built-in fan keeps the product cool and safe to use even if you use it for hours on the road. Just sit back and enjoy your in car entertainment with complete peace of mind.

Easy to use and high quality product is now available in our warehouse for both single and bulk order purchases. It’s also backed up by our famous 12 month warranty. Add it to your cart and order it now! We will express ship it to you tomorrow. Brought to you by your source of China factory direct electronics

At a Glance…
500W Power Inverter with USB Output
Easy to Use
Low Vehicle Battery Auto Shutdown
Overload and Short-circuit Protection
Great for laptops, TVs, home stereo equipment, kitchen gadgets, etc.