DLP Video Projector for iPhone 5/5S



Product Description

DLP Video Projector for iPhone 5/5S with 60 Inch Projection, 50 Lumens, 3000mAh Power bank and more. Project your iPhone.

The “iBeam” is an ultra portable mobile video projector which can house an iPhone 5/5S and project its content up to 60 inch wide. Using Texas Instruments DLP video technology, the “iBeam” can display crystal clear bright images using less energy and requiring less lumens then regular LED projectors. About the size of two iPhones stacked on top of each other, the “iBeam” projector is extremely portable and powerful and enables you to easily show pictures, videos and even presentations to a larger audience, no matter where you are.

Coming with a high capacity 3000mAh battery, the “iBeam” can project for up to 2 hours nonstop and packs enough juice to double as a portable power bank to recharge your phone or other electronic gadgets. On top of that, the “iBeam” can also be used to project from several other video sources such as a DVD Player, Blue Ray Player, PC, Laptop, Tablet and more by connecting an HDMI cable.

At a Glance…

  • Portable DLP Video Projector
  • For iPhone 5/5S
  • 3000mAh Power Pack
  • Up to 60 Inch Wide Projection
  • HDMI IN Port