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Product Description

Bluetooth Health Bracelet – For Android Smartphones, Sports + Sleep Tracking, Stopwatch

Bluetooth Health Bracelet designed for Android Smartphones has Sports and Sleep Tracking as well as a Stopwatch function is designed to be used by all.

Track Your Sleep

This is the health bracelet, which is another OLED bracelet to the ever expanding range of wearable gadgets that Martricselectronics now offers;. This health bracelet connects using Bluetooth to your Android phone and then with the appropriate downloaded Healthy Bracelet app, this smart bracelet is ready to monitor your sleeping and pedometer. The app syncs the data and time with the phone and then the pedometer function will show you the current training situation and remaining unfinished step number. Also the sleep monitoring lets you know how your last sleep went with five diagrams to explain if it was very poor, poor, usual, good, or very well.

Stopwatch + Low Radiation Design

With the stopwatch function you can test and check your current run time to see how you are improving. Plus this bracelet has a double bright screen so in the screen off state just double click the bracelet screen for a much brighter viewing to display your times and step count. Finally this sports and sleep tracking bracelet has an advanced low radiation design and therefore does not cause any harm to your body. Keep on track with how you are performing and resting with this fantastic wearable health bracelet.

At a Glance…

  • Bluetooth Health Bracelet
  • For Android Smartphones
  • Sports + Sleep Tracking
  • Stopwatch