LED Grow Light


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Product Description

Hydroponic LED Grow Light with 80 LEDs, delivering 240 Watt of power and packing 6 different colors including 2x UV LEDS.

The “Sensemilla” hydroponic LED Grow light packs 80 LED of which 50 deliver a 620nm-630nm red wavelength, 5 deliver a 650nm-660nm spectrum, 10 deliver a 460nm-470nm blue spectrum, 2 LEDs emit UV light, 7 pieces emit 6000-6500K white light and another 6 pieces 3000-3500K warm white light. Put all of this power together and you get yourself a 240 watt strong grow light which is perfectly suited for all types of plants including vegetables, fruit, herbs, orchids, flowers and more.

Using LED technology, the “Sensemilla” grow light has a lifespan of over 50.000 hours (That’s more than 5 years of continuous use!) and is up to 90% more energy efficient then regular Metal Halide & HPS grow lights. On top of that, since you won’t have to replace any light bulbs, this hydroponic light has zero maintenance costs and will help you save big on your energy bill. Ensuring your plant’s fast and stable growth, you will yield big blooms, buds and flowers every single time. Including everything you need to get started, the “Sensemilla” comes with its own power supply and suspension cables.

At a Glance…

  • 240 Watt LED Grow Light
  • 80 LEDs
  • 6 Color Wavelenghths
  • 50.000 Hours Lamp Life
  • Energy Efficient