Tablet PC and Smart Phone Stand – Speaker and Charger



Product Description

Tablet PC and Smart Phone Stand – Speaker and Charger

High quality stand for your smart phones or tablet PCs with a built in 2W speaker system and charging port for your favorite products such as the iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note, and more.

Smartphones and tablets are wonderful gadgets to have and own, but sometimes people want to watch their movies or surf the net without having to constantly hold them. This is where this smart phone and tablet PC stand comes in. Simply adjust the legs of the stand to the desired width, pull out the bottom two rubber supports at the bottom of the stand, and you will have a convenient and stable platform to place your ipad, iphone, samsung smartphone, or more.

Even better, this stand features a built in 2W speaker with a 3.5mm connection jack, making the speaker stand compatible with a smartphone’s or tablet’s 3.5mm earphone slot. This allows you to skip using your phone’s or tablet’s smaller speakers and get more oomph while watching movies or surfing the web. Combine this was a USB port that can be used to power your tablets or smart phones directly from the stand, which in turn is powered by AA batteries, your computer, or by a wall outlet, and you get a all in one stand for all your handsfree needs.

At a Glance…

  • Stand compatible with any smartphone or tablet PC
  • Adjustable legs with fold out rubber stand holders
  • Portable and smaller enough to fit in your pocket
  • 2W speaker with 3.5mm connection jack
  • USB port for recharging tablets or smartphones using the stand’s AA battery power source, computer via USB connection from stand, or wall mount via USB power adapter (not included)