Bluetooth Sports Smart Watch



Product Description

Bluetooth Sports Smart Watch ‘SmartFit’ with Pedometer for Running/Jogging – 1.54 Inch Screen, Sync with Phone

The SmartFit watch carries the latest innovations in the world of smart watches. Besides the basic features such as synching your phone’s messages, contacts, music library etc…it is packed with a long list of incredibly useful features that will make your live more convenient.

Go Social with the SmartFit Smart Watch

Did you know that the average smart phone user receives about 50 social media notifications per day? This is highly likely also the case for you, and you probably didn’t realize that you are reaching for your phone 50 times a day. With the SmartFit this is the past as it allows you to receive Facebook and Twitter notifications right on your wrist.

Bluetooth Smart Watch for a Better Jogging/Running Experience

The less you get distracted the better you perform while running or jogging. With a watch that makes sure that you don’t need to reach for your phone every time when you receive a notification, one part of the puzzle is solved. What’s even more useful is that audio function on the smart watch syncs directly with the music library on your phone, allowing you to control your favorite music from the wrist.

The pedometer function even tracks your steps, kilometers jogged as well as an estimate of the amount of calories burned. This will motivate you to improve your performance again and again.

At a Glance…

  • Bluetooth Smart Watch with Pedometer
  • 1.54 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Sync SMS, Phonebook, Missed calls
  • Social Media, Mail and Calendar Notifications