7 Inch Android Gaming Console Tablet “Play-Droid”


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Product Description

7 Inch Android Gaming Console Tablet “Play-Droid” – 1GHz CPU, 8GB Internal Memory, Emulator.

7 Inch Android Gaming Console Tablet with a 1GHz CPU, 8GB Internal Memory and a game Emulator is the next generation of Android game playing.

The ultimate tablet is now available at Martricselectronics; this is not just a 7 inch tablet but also a gaming console for that all-in-one media powerhouse feel. This is the “Play-Droid”, a 7 inch tablet however it has gaming controls on the left and right hand side for portable playing fun. With a 1GHz CPU, this media playing console will stream movies, play music and let you surface the internet and unlike most handheld consoles, this has a 5 point capacitive touch screen for full control and easy navigation. The “Play-Droid” has an Android operating system that gives it plenty of advantages including access to the Google Play store where over 700,000 applications await for the user to choose and download. Installing apps such as Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Angry Birds and many others, offers the user a more personalize feel when operating the “Play-Droid:

A great way to feel nostalgic is that with the “Play-Droid” you can play computer games from older consoles due to this handheld console tablet having an emulator. An emulator duplicates the functions of one computer system that is considered the guest in another computer system that is the host, which is different from the first one, so that the emulated behavior closely resembles the behavior of the real system. Basically this Android gaming console has emulation for Nintendo 64, the original Playstation, Gameboy and MAME, therefore you can download any games for these consoles to start working.

Take a photo with the either the front-facing or rear camera for them must seen moments or use it for video chatting with applications such as Skype. Save all your data on the 8MB of internal memory or if that is simply not enough just give it a boost via the console’s micro SD card as it can support up to an additional 16GB. Also with WiFi connectivity the “Play-Droid” gaming console tablet will keep any user entertained for hours as they surf the web and download media and games.

Take gaming to the next level with this superior handheld entertainment machine, known as the “Play-Droid”.

At a Glance…

  • Android Gaming Console Tablet
  • 7 Inch Screen
  • 1GHz CPU
  • Emulator
  • 8GB Internal Memory