4.3 Inch Car Mirror Camcorder + Rear View Camera 



Product Description

sensor and IR Night Vision.


Record what is happening ahead on the road as well what is happening behind you with this advanced car camcorder that also comes with a rear view camera. This slimmed design car camcorder comes in two pieces with the first piece replacing your normal rear view mirror with a 4.3 inch high quality LCD display that has 1/4 inch 3 megapixel CMOS with a 1080p video resolution. The front camera captures the moments as they happen on the road and show them on the rear view mirror in a smaller display making it great for evidence if things turn nasty on the road. With a 170 degree wide angle lens, this car camcorder can capture a wider view showing more activity plus it has 3 IR lights for night vision and a built-in microphone. A GPS logger is present on this car camcorder that simply logs the position of the device at regular intervals in its internal memory, also there is a G-sensor that automatically saves video recording on impact. There is a built-in micro SD card slot for inserting a micro SD card of up to 32GB for recording the footage directly on to and then make it easier for transferring the footage to your computer or phone. A rechargeable 500mAH Polymer lithium battery that offers up to 1 hour of usage time is the main power source but can easily be recharged using the accompanying car charger.


Also there is a rear view camera making it ideal for parking as it shows you what is behind you as you reverse ensuring you do bump or run into anything or anyone. The rear view camera connects via an included cable to the car camcorder so you can select directly from the camcorder if you want to view front, rear or both at the same time. A strong 720p video resolution is used for displaying and capturing footage of any video that happens from behind your vehicle, so if someone runs into the back of you then you have video evidence to prove who was at fault. Owing to 2 IR lights, you can see everything behind your vehicle clearly at night and the 120 degree wide angle lens shows a good portion of area. Overall, this car camcorder and rear view camera combination is a real effective and simple to use accessory that could help prove you right as it offers extra eyes on the road.

At a Glance…Rear View Camera + Car Mirror Camcorder4.3 Inch1080P 3.0MP Front + 720P 1.3MP Rear Cameras

GPSG-sensorIR Night Vision